Little Sister - Bioshock 2
Shannon symonds back to back

Both versions back to back

Shannon symonds close up

Close up

Shannon symonds front

Side by side comparison

Shannon symonds hair close up

Closer view of the hair

Shannon symonds little sister turnaround

In-engine turnaround

Shannon symonds syringe

Close up of the syringe weapon

Shannon symonds textures

Textures used in-engine.

Shannon symonds character wireframe


Shannon symonds concept art

The concept art I based my character on.

This fan art is based on the concept used for the game Bioshock 2, and was a 4 week project created as part of my university unit. As there is both a healthy and unhealthy version of the character in the concept art, I thought it would be a good exercise to do both for contrast. It was the first time I had used Substance Painter, and is definitely something I want to learn much more of.

I began the high-poly in ZBrush, which I retopologzied using Topogun so I could then create the base form of the dress in Marvelous Designer. I added more detail to the dress in ZBrush which I retopologized and textured everything in Substance Painter. The low-poly model was rigged in 3Ds Max and then set-up in Unreal Engine 4.

The hair shader I used was the one found in the UE4 Content Example pack. I replaced the maps used in the shader with my own custom ones and changed the settings accordingly. The hair planes and textures were made using ZBrush, xNormal and Photoshop.